Physics Theorynet

Bringing scientists into your classroom

How Theorynet works:

Teachers need no background in particle physics: they invite physicists to visit their classes and propose a format: it may be a formal presentation on a scientist's research topics, on the material currently studied in class or a Q&A session answering curiosity-based questions, or a career day type event like "What is like to be a scientist?"

Physicists do all the rest of the work.

  • Teachers and physicists are paired as teams for 2-3 semesters
  • Teams meet with whole Theorynet group of 20 physicists and teachers one or two times per semester and develop a learning community
  • Physicists visit the classroom, can also arrange "guest star" visitors
  • To join: contact Professor Tomasz Taylor at Northeastern University: taylor (at) neu (dot) edu or phone 617-373-2979
  • Subscribe to the list for meeting announcements.